This panel presentation will include community leaders from 3 different United Way organizations:

  • Keith Barsuhn – President of United Way of Greater Greensboro
  • Bobby Smith – President of United Way of Greater High Point
  • Eric Aft, Chief Operating Officer – United Way of Forsyth County

Whether you represent a UW member funded agency or not, you will benefit from the unique perspective that this panel provides. Each panel member will share information regarding pressing community needs, and how those needs have been determined in their respective communities. Since United Way organizations work closely with community and local foundations, corporate and other funding sources, attendees will also learn:

  1. How various funding sources are responding to the issues identified
  2. How non-profit organizations can use this information to support their case for funding, and
  3. What opportunities there are for BOTH UW and non-UW member agencies to become involved with addressing these needs?