Speaker: William ‘Bill’ Peck, president of Organizational Solutions, Inc.

Join Bill and your AFP colleagues as we start the New Year with a look at ‘Goal Setting: Proven Methods to Enhance Fundraising’. This program will look at measuring fundraising success; setting up a system that fits your organization to measure victories, failures, frustrations, costs, and ROI. Goals of this training include learning to use history and research to predict future success; setting realistic and stretch goals; and tracking progress. Learn to use sound goal setting methods before committing the goals to the board, staff, and the community.

For 8 years Bill has been President of Organizational Solutions, Inc., serving the Southeast and nationally. He holds a Master degree in Social Work from Western Michigan University. Bill has nearly three decades of nonprofit experience as an executive, consultant, and mentor in the areas of nonprofit management, strategic planning, fundraising, community affairs, and training. He has managed campaigns and gifts from $1M to $200M. Bill is a dynamic speaker with a well-rounded perspective and enthusiasm for the nonprofit sector and the AFP.