Speaker: Martin L. Novom, CFRE, Managing Consultant with Skystone Partners

Keeping our institutions alive and healthy in the new philanthropic landscape has received plenty of attention in our field. But how are leaner budgets and increased goals affecting you and your colleagues? Are we paying enough attention to the human factor, to those of us toiling in the fields? What have we learned from decades of modern organizational life that allows us to renew ourselves and stay in our top form? Join Martin L. Novom, CFRE, as he shares with us what he has learned from his years as a philanthropic professional and from senior colleagues around the country.

Those who participate in this session will:

  1. 1. Learn how to spot the subtle signs of approaching burnout
  2. 2. Know how to determine which are problems you can fix quickly
  3. 3. Gain an understanding of your renewal preferences

Martin L. Novom, CFRE, Managing Consultant with Skystone Partners, has 24 years in the field and provides advice to nonprofit organizations all around the United States and Canada. He a Master Certified Teacher with AFP International and the Director of the Waldorf Administration Program at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA. Martin is based in Laurinburg, NC, an active volunteer with AFP as well as with teaching, mentoring and coaching.